Case-based discussion

Welcome to the AMC e-learning resource on case-based discussion for workplace-based assessment. This resource will give you practical tools for conducting a case-based discussion assessment in medical practice and in the Australian Medical Council’s standard pathway (workplace-based assessment). Examples are given in the disciplines of medicine and surgery.

This e-learning resource consists of three modules:

  • Lesson 1 contains an overview of CBD in workplace-based assessment.
  • Lesson 2 contains an overview of the assessment form.
  • Lesson 3 contains interactive examples of CBDs and feedback sessions.

What you will learn

  1. By completing this resource, you will learn:
  2. What a case-based discussion is
  3. A clear structure for engaging in a CBD
  4. How to frame useful questions
  5. How to use the CBD assessment form
  6. How to give feedback on a CBD encounter.

Who this resource is for

This resource is designed to support the training of assessors delivering in both the formative and summative CBD assessments in accredited workplace-based assessment programs

It may be of also be used to work-place based assessment program directors when quality assuring the completion of CBD assessments.
It may also be of interest to workplace-based assessment candidates and organisations wishing to become accredited WBA providers.

How long will it take?

The entire module will take 60–75 minutes to complete.

How to interact with this resource

You should undertake the lessons sequentially. You will get the most value if you allocate sufficient time to review and reflect on the material and commit yourself to responding to the interactive components as directed.

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