Multisource feedback

Introduction to the course

Welcome to the AMC e-learning resource on multisource Feedback (MSF) for workplace-based assessment. This resource will give you practical tools for conducting an MSF assessment in medical practice and in the Australian Medical Council’s standard pathway (workplace-based assessment).

What this resource offers

This modular resource provides key information about how to use the MSF assessment tool for assessing medical and health science graduates. This tool may be applied generally in training programs and specifically in the Australian Medical Council’s standard pathway (workplace-based assessment).

This e-learning module consists of this introduction to the course and an interactive Prezi presentation.

What you will learn

By completing this resource you will learn:

  1. What multisource feedback is.
  2. What MSF assesses.
  3. Practicalities of MSF for doctors and assessors.
  4. What scoring is used.
  5. How MSF fits into AMC’s Standard Pathway.
  6. How to give feedback on an MSF encounter.

Who this resource is for

This resource has been designed for use by assessors, candidates, workplace-based assessment providers, health education institutions and training/development teams.

This resource can be applied for training assessors in both the formative and summative assessment of candidates in a workplace-based environment in medicine and may be adaptable for other health professional programs.

How long will it take?

The entire module will take 15-20 minutes to complete.

How to interact with this resource

To complete this resource, you should review the slides sequentially using the navigation buttons in the Prezi frame or the left and right buttons on your keyboard. The Prezi is best viewed in full screen with audio turned on. You will get the most value if you allocate sufficient time to review and reflect on the material.

Entering and leaving the resource

You must register and sign in to save your spot in the resource. The system will track your progress through the modules via the ‘Mark complete’ button at the bottom of each module. If you need to leave a lesson before you have completed it, your progress will be saved and you can return to it at any stage.

Certificate of completion

To receive a certificate of completion you must register and login.

After completing this resource, you may download a certificate of completion. This will show the username that you provided at registration for the resource. Optionally, you may also enter a specific identifier (e.g. college CPD number). To add an identifier, type it into the same field as your last name in your profile (e.g. Last Name: Citizen CPD 111000).


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